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This page provides an overview of the various packages in Cobl with a brief description of how to use them. For more complicated packages, links to subpages are provided.


Package Credits Prefix Details
Alchemical Catalogs Wrye cobCatAlchem Lists all ingredients from all mods along with their effects. Nice touch to include in alchemical lab. (Note however, that these are expensive and hence somewhat equivalent to leaving a lot of money lying around.)
Alchemical Sorter Daleth, Haama cobAls Single Container: Place one of the existing alchemy sorters (cobAlsChestUC or cobAlsShelfXX) in your home/alchemy lab. Or you can provide your own container mesh -- just set its script to cobAlsTriggerOS.

Multiple Containers: While we would strongly suggest that you use the single container approach, we've also worked to support the multiple container approach. For more info, see: Alchemical Sorter.

Foods and Beverages Tarnsman cobBev,


Beer (cobBev): The Cobl version of Tarnsman's Beer! mod. Place beer and other beverages as desired and/or use the leveled lists or vendor barrels.

Salmo the Baker (cobSal): The Cobl version of foods from Salmo the baker. Provides ingredients, potions, leveled lists and vendor containers. Note that package also contains a number of furnishings, misc objects, etc. that can be used in bakeries and kitchens.

Home Plate Wrye cobEat This is a placed version of the Dinner Plate interface used by Cobl-aware hunger mods. It can be configured to draw foods from the player's inventory or from a local food larder.
Gem Dust Turgothh, Wrye cobGeo Gem dust can be placed/used directly. Or grinders can be placed to allow crushing of gems into dust form.
Grinder Wrye, Turgothh cobGrinder Grinders convert various miscellaneous items into alchemical materials: bones into bone dust, gems into gem dust, iron ingots into iron filings, etc. Usage:
  • Place a cobGrinder01 into alchemy lab.
  • Place your own grinder (needs to be a container with the cobGrinderOS script).

Note that it is possible to augment the grinder to make it grind additional materials. To do this, define a quest script to operate in tandem with the cobGrinderQ quest script (cobGrinderOS calls uses cobGrinderQ to do the grinding).

Leveled Lists cobEat, cobVi, etc. Item Interchange and other lists.
Lore Books MrDarkSim, Xui'al, Gez cobLor, cobLof Place lore books themselves or use one of the leveled lists or vender chests.
  • cobLor is for official lore books. cobLof is for fan written lore books.
  • cobLorEvil list and cobLorEvilChest are designed for fences and shady venders, but might also be used at a bandit campsite or similar.
  • cobLorMWQuestChest contains the Morrowind quest related books and scrolls, which are not present in other chests or lists. These might be useful for a "Nerevarine's Cyrodiil Vacation Home" mod or a collection of special books held by the church or in the emperors special library. (Consider that these might not the actual Nerevarine's books/scrolls, but rather copies of them.)
Luggage Wrye cobLug To make the luggage available in a given location, place the appropriate cobLugXXX remote activator. For more info, see Luggage.
Mages Altars Wrye cobAltar These are combined Spell Making and Enchanting altars. To avoid uberness, the altars are conditional: they will be hidden (disabled) until either the cobAltarShowLight or cobAltarShowDark global is set to 1. There three types of altars: Light (triggered by ShowLight), Dark (enabled by ShowDark) and Both (enabled by both ShowLight or ShowDark). Each of the three types comes in two versions: middle class (wooden lectern) and upper class (ornate lectern).

Cobl currently will activate ShowLight if the PC has gained access to the Arcane University. Cobl also places Light altars in each of the Mage Guild Halls. Cobl does not currently activate ShowDark.

Static Alchemy Equipment haama, Waruddar cobStaticApp(aratti) Static Apparati that automatically determine, take, store, and use the player's best equipment. Also, updating models to match the equipment!
Tamrielic Ingredients Tarnsman, Razorwing, Bethsoft cobTi Place lore ingredients or use leveled lists or vendor containers as desired. You may also want to place grinders to allow easy conversion of misc. item forms to alchemical forms.
Water Sources Wrye cobWater House/Village modders:
  • Place water well and/or water barrel sources in your home or village.
  • Or, supply your own well or barrel activator mesh and apply the cobWaterWellOS script to it.
  • If you want to place a barrel that may be emptied by use, then use one of the cobWaterCamp barrels. Or use your own mesh with the cobWaterCampOS script on it. (In contrast, cobWaterWellOS driven activators are bottomless sources of water.)

Survival Modders

  • Override the default cobWaterWellOS and cobWaterCampOS scripts with your own versions. cobWaterWellOS should always provide a safe endless supply of water. cobWaterCampOS can be emptiable (and possibly tainted).
  • Note that of the activators, cobWaterBarrelNN uses cobWaterWellOS, while only cobWaterCampNN uses the cobWaterCampOS. (Do NOT override the activators -- override just the scripts.)
  • For cobWaterCampOS, use the rOverride to "take ownership" and trigger initialiation. (I.e. if rOverride != myTokenRef... initialize variables.) See Cobl/Modding/Techniques for more info.


Package Credits Prefix Details
Clock Wrye, haama, Tekuromoto cobClock Displays the current time in several, player-chosen formats.
Death Handling Wrye, Scanner cobMort Standard player death interception/handling.
Dinner Plate Wrye cobEat Standard eating interface. Home plates can be placed in homes for a bit more immersion.
General Functions haama cobGen Miscellaneous functions that you can use from any script (i.e., cobGenMimicPotions will copy all of the fields of one potion onto another, making the second a "clone" of the first).
GenericLore Bridge Wrye genericLore Hijacking of vanilla genericLore script for sharing information between mods without an explicit dependency.
Input haama cobInput Use in conjunction with your menu to provide Quantity and Key/Control input and settings.
Inventory Tracking haama cobInvTracker Tracks changes in the player's inventory so you can know when the player picks up or drops an item and which item(s).
Magic Tracking kyoma cobMgcTracker Tracks changes of active spells on the player.
Pc Info Wrye, Breeze582000 cobPc Various info related to the PC's identity and appearance. For use by identity changing/disguising mods.
Options Menu Wrye cobOpt Standard options interface.
Recipe Updater Engine haama cobRUE A system that automatically updates recipe products. For example, an Alchemy recipe will return stronger and stronger potions as the player's skills increase. At the moment, RUE's functionality is limited to creating Alchemy recipes, but you can see what's in the works here.
Signals Wrye, Scanner cobSig, cobFact Standard signals.
Strings Wrye cobStr These are option strings that are meant to be used with OBSE's formatted printing commands (e.g. MessageBoxEx). Currently, they are all factions where different faction ranks represent different logical values (e.g. On/Off, Enabled/Disabled). These can be used with the %c syntax (e.g. messageboxex "Switch is %c." rCobOn bOn).