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Several issues not addressed by the Official or Unofficial Patches still persist in Oblivion. Such issues are not significant enough to be considered glitches; that is, these issues do not affect playability and are unlikely to be noticed by the majority of players. But they are noteworthy in that many of them mirror issues that are fixed by the Unofficial Patches, or are clear cases where Bethesda Softworks made mistakes.

For a similar list of minor issues in the Shivering Isles, look here.

Weapon IssuesEdit

Missing WeaponsEdit

  • Battle Axe of Fracturing. In every weapon set Dwarven and better, the four Blade weapons have generic Disintegrate Weapon versions, and the four Blunt weapons have generic Disintegrate Armor versions. The only exception is the Glass set, which is missing this weapon.
  • Arrow of Hexing. This is the only ammunition found in the Construction Set that does not exist in-game.
  • Generic magic weapons missing from NPC weapon lists. These weapons are missing from the LL1NPCStaff2Greater100 used in NPC inventories: Greater Staff of the Weary (missing from list entirely), Greater Staff of Corrosion (missing from level 17 of the list only).

Weapon Erroneous AdditionsEdit

  • Soul Trap Weapons on NPC weapon lists. The NPC Battle Axe weapon lists include Soul Trap weapons, while the NPC War Axe weapon lists do not. Soul Trap enchantments provide no benefit to NPCs (NPCs will not recharge their weapons even if they are carrying Soul Gems), so these Battle Axes likely are erroneous additions.

Permanent Bound Weapon CrashEdit

  • When using a Bound Weapon that has been made permanent, if you have two of the same bound weapon, equipping one and dropping it will occasionally crash the game.

Attribute IssuesEdit


  • Claymore of Jinxing. The Unofficial Oblivion Patch renames this weapon to Claymore of Curses. This is likely a mistake.


  • Mace of Doom. This weapon, which is not normally found in game, is incorrectly characterized as a Bladed weapon.


  • Rusty Iron Bow, Rusty Iron War Axe. Most Rusty Iron weapons have 70-75% the damage of their regular Iron counterparts. The exceptions are these weapons, which have 100% and 63% respectively (8/8 and 5/8) the damage of their regular Iron counterparts.
  • Rusty Iron Dagger (CGIronDagger used in the Tutorial Dungeon). This version has the same damage (5 points) as a regular Iron Dagger.
  • Arrow of Discord. This is the only arrow in Oblivion with an area effect that does not have a -5 modifier to damage.


  • Rusty Iron Bow, Rusty Iron Shortsword. Most Rusty Iron weapons have half the health of their regular Iron counterparts. These two weapons are the exceptions--they have 80% and 57% the health of their regular Iron counterparts (90/112 and 56/98) respectively.
  • Rusty Iron Dagger (CGIronDagger used in the Tutorial Dungeon). This version has significantly more health than most Rusty Iron Daggers (60 instead of 35).


Gold ValuesEdit

Magic EnchantmentsEdit

Magic ChargesEdit


  • Akavari Warblade [sic]. Most Akaviri bladed weapons have a speed of 1 hit per second. At a speed of 0.9 hits per second, this is the only exception.


  • Most magic staves have a Reach of 0. This can cause game crashes, especially in heavily modified games.