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Oblivion:Rugdumph's Sword

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Rugdumph's Sword
Artifact: Rugdumph's Sword (0000BEA6)
Type Blade Two Hand
Editor ID FGC09RugdumphSword
Damage Damage 14
Damage Damage 14 Health Health 700
Speed 1.0
Speed 1.0 Reach 1.0
Weight Weight 28 Value Value 740
Absorb Speechcraft 5 pts for 5 secs
Silence for 5 secs
Charge/Cost = Uses 1500/38=39
Rugdumph's Sword

Rugdumph's Sword is a unique two-handed sword, given to you by Lord Rugdumph gro-Shurgak as a reward for completing the quest The Noble's Daughter. It is mostly identical in shape to a silver claymore but is of shorter length and has different coloration and markings.

Despite being a two-handed weapon, its reach, weight, damage, and speed are consistent with a silver longsword.

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