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Oblivion:Torbal the Sufficient's House

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Torbal the Sufficient's House
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Important Treasure
1 Nirnroot Plant
The Black Arrow, v1 (respawns)
Console Location Code(s)
Brindle Home
Torbal the Sufficient's House

Torbal the Sufficient's House is small house in Brindle Home, in the woods north of Skingrad. It is the home of Torbal the Sufficient.

There's not much of particular interest in his home. Apart from the usual food and clutter, you will find a Nirnroot and, inside the chest near his bed, the respawning Acrobatics skill book, The Black Arrow, v1. On the table you will also find a rare Shepherd's Pie and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine.



  • The house's eastern door is owned by Modryn Oreyn. As the house model is the same, it is likely that Modryn's house was copy-pasted to Brindle Home and the door ownership was mistakenly left unchanged.