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Oblivion:Seridur's House

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Seridur's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouse, ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseBasement, ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Temple District
Seridur's House

Seridur's House is in the southeast corner of the Temple District, around the corner from Salomon Geonette's House and across from the door to the South Watch Tower.

Upon entering, the chest of drawers on the right at the foot of the stairs contains clutter and respawns, as does the chest on the left and the chest of drawers on the wall next to the stairs and the desk opposite it. The table in the northwest corner holds five leeks, three potatoes, two radishes, and a bottle of mead. The respawning cupboard behind it holds more food, and on top sits five tomatoes, three heads of lettuce, and a pumpkin, with a second pumpkin on the floor next to it. In the northeast corner a door leads to his basement. At the head of the stairs, another door leads to his upstairs area.

The upper level of his house is his bedroom with his double bed. In the north end, one table holds a bottle of mead while another holds three apples. Opposite the bed a chest of drawers contains clothing and a clutter sack sits on top of it. In the southwestern corner a cupboard holds more clothing, and the chest next to it contains healing and restorative potions. In the alcove in the southeastern corner a desk contains clutter and on top sits an absorb skill scroll. The chest next to it contains gold, jewelry, and clutter, and the sack between them holds more clutter. This chest and the two sacks are the only containers here safe for long-term storage, since they do not respawn.

In his basement, the first landing holds two clutter barrels and a grain sack, the only non-respawning container in the basement. In the main room, a bookshelf in the northwestern corner holds a copy of Mysticism as well as a copy of the hand to hand skill book Immortal Blood. In the northeastern corner sits a clutter chest. A wine rack in the southeastern corner holds eight bottles of cheap wine, and another two bottles sit on two small tables beside the chairs in the southwestern corner.


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