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Ra'jhan's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICElvenGardensRajhansHouse, ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseBasement, ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Elven Gardens District
Ra'jhan's House

Ra'jhan's House is located in the northeastern block in the Elven Gardens District on the south side of the street and next to Roderic Pierrane's house. Luther Broad's Boarding House is down the block to the west. Ra'Jhan is the only resident, and the house contains three zones: Ra'jhan's House, Ra'jhan's Private Quarters, and Ra'jhan's Basement.



Ra'jhan's HouseEdit

The main house is neatly kept, but contains very little other than groceries. A chest in front of the desk holds only clutter.

Ra'jhan's Private QuartersEdit

The sitting room outside the master's chambers is arranged for entertaining. However, the wine rack holds only cheap wine. The sleeping chamber holds a few more items of interest including an Absorb Health and Calm scroll on the desk as well as a locked jewelry box. On top of the cupboard are three bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine.

Ra'jhan's BasementEdit

The basement serves as mostly storage for unused furniture and watermelons. However, the wine rack holds seven bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine and three bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine. Along the west wall is a locked chest with steel weaponry.


  • None of the items in this house count as stolen items with the exception of the contents of the jewelry box on the second floor. Furthermore, there are no negative repercussions to staying inside the house (you won't be considered "trespassing" in any of the three rooms, regardless of the time of day, or whether or not Ra'Jhan is home) or taking items from the containers, with the exception being the aforementioned jewelry box.
Since some of the containers in the house, such as the chest at the foot of Ra'Jhan's bed (which can be slept in at any time, since it isn't marked as "owned") won't respawn, Ra'Jhan's house can be used by players as a free house, with Ra'Jhan as a roommate. Keep note that there are minor drawbacks to this: Ra'Jhan will still lock the front door regardless of whether you're inside or outside the building and it will be considered illegal to pick the lock on either side, so it is recommended to keep an Open spell/scroll handy; Ra'Jhan's bed, despite being large enough for two people, cannot be shared due to being tucked on one side against the bedroom wall and is otherwise registered in-game as a one-person bed, meaning you'll have to either kill Ra'Jhan or take turns sleeping in his bed; and Ra'Jhan may start following the player around at certain times of the day/night to tell them to leave so he can lock the front door (although this can be ignored by going into the bedroom or basement and waiting/resting a few hours).


  • The name of each room of the house is misspelled, as the correct name is "Ra'Jhan".