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Oblivion:Palace Break-In?

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Book Information
Palace Break-In?
ID 0006D6F4
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Value 0 Weight 0.1
Related to The Ultimate Heist
Found in the following locations:
  • From the newspaper deliverers in the Imperial City
Palace Break-In?
A newspaper article surrounding heresay of an Imperial Palace break-in

The Legion Centurion in command of the Palace Guard was charged with dereliction of duty. Although the Council has officially denied the stories of a palace break-in, the rumors persist. Muddled accounts of the events and principles range from a madman intent on spit-polishing the Emperor's shoes to a master thief stealing one of the legendary Elder Scrolls.

The Palace Guard has made no arrests in connection with the break-in. However, the Watch has been making peculiar inquiries all around the city. The Guard and the Legion are in complete agreement on one matter at least... neither the fictitious Thieves Guild nor its mythical leader, the Gray Fox, could have been in any way involved. Although rumor has long insisted that the Thieves Guild has been a significant factor in Imperial City criminal activities, representatives of the Guard and Legion insist that even the mythical Gray Fox would never dare to break into the Imperial Palace.