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Natch Pinder's House
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Natch Pinder's House

Natch Pinder's House is a typical worn-out and spooky home in the northwest part of Hackdirt located next door to Moslin's Inn. It is the residence of Natch Pinder and contains one zone, Natch Pinder's House.


Natch Pinder

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Natch Pinder's HouseEdit

His house is located in the northwestern part of town and is a typical spooky and worn-out Hackdirt affair. The ground floor consists of a dining area with an iron war axe conveniently placed on the dinner table. All the containers here contain clutter and a smaller table near the unlit fireplace holds a sample of bonemeal. The trap door to the Hackdirt Caverns is located in the smaller storage room next to the dining room. The upstairs area contains a double bed, a few containers with more clutter, and a nirnroot growing atop of some drawers near the banister.


  • There is no key to this location.