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Oblivion:Mattius Wotrus

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Mattius Wotrus
(RefID: 0006BD2A)
Location Forsaken Mine
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 1 Class Herder
RefID 0006BD2A BaseID 0006BD29
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead) Magicka 100
Mattius Wotrus' corpse

Mattius Wotrus was an Imperial herder who joined the Fighters Guild and was sent with Viranus Donton to dispose of some trolls in Forsaken Mine, south of Leyawiin.

What was supposed to be a routine mission turned into a massacre when the group of fighters obviously faced more than trolls inside the mine. What remains of Mattius will be found in the dead-end northern part of the first zone, near an equally dead member named Cargas Laftrius.

Mattius was equipped with an almost complete set of iron armor, missing only the shield.

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