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Oblivion:Journal of Claudius Arcadia

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Book Information
Journal of Claudius Arcadia
ID 00072296
Value 0 Weight 1.0
Found in the following locations:
Journal of Claudius Arcadia
The story of a desperate man's attempt to gain his revenge

Entry 1: I've made up my mind. I don't care what it takes, I'll have my revenge! I've heard the stories about the Dark Brotherhood, about how they'll come to you if you perform some kind of ritual to their Night Mother. I don't know who or what the Night Mother is, and I don't give a damn! If I can do it, I will. I'll give the Dark Brotherhood anything they want, so long as they do what I can't...

Entry 2: I've learned how to perform the ritual and have procured the necessary items. The bones and skull were easy enough to get, but the heart and skillĀ [sic] were a bit more difficult. I'll make the preparations in the cellar.

Entry 3: It worked! Last night I was visited by someone, a representative from the Dark Brotherhood! The Night Mother heard my prayers! The money was exchanged, and the man promised me I would have satisfaction. I don't know where he's hiding, and neither does the Dark Brotherhood, but as soon as he's located, Rufio will die!