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Oblivion:Coast Guard Station

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Coast Guard Station
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North of Leyawiin
Coast Guard Station

Coast Guard Station is a building north of Leyawiin.

It is strategically located on a small peninsula in the Lower Niben just north of the city's northeastern gate. The building is the residence of Captain Decentius Opsius, who regularly patrols the area between the station and the city gate in dry weather, rambling about Torval the Pilot if approached. During the quest Permanent Retirement, retired Imperial Legion commander Adamus Phillida visits every day from 10am to 1pm with a bodyguard.

The exterior of the building comprises a simple structure of stone, plaster, and wood, with a partially covered wooden dock nearby to the southwest. Two Nirnroot plants grow in the vicinity, one near the dock and the other east of the building.

The interior of the building is rather cheaply furnished, although the walls are lined with an impressive array of tapestries. The alcove next to the entrance features a locked non-respawning chest containing minor loot and gold, a set of shelves holding a watermelon and a non-respawning sack containing clutter, an empty open barrel, and a bench. The eastern section of the main room is the dining area, with a bench, two chairs and a table laid with cheap tableware, two sets of shelves holding more tableware and two heads of lettuce, and twelve tomatoes in a basket. There are two cupboards in the area as well, one containing clutter and the other containing food, with nine ears of corn in a basket on top of the latter. At the other end of the room is a non-respawning armory chest containing low-tier weapons and armor, two sets of drawers and two crates all containing clutter, a pumpkin on top of the crates, a stool, and a chair and a table holding a non-respawning sack containing clutter and a copy of On Morrowind. The small bedroom features a single bed, a locked chest containing clutter, two sets of drawers containing clothing, and some spare lower-class clothing scattered around. A copy of the Guide to Bravil is atop the eastern set of drawers.


Decentius Opsius
Adamus Phillida
Adamus Phillida's Bodyguard

Adamus and his bodyguard only appear during the quest Permanent Retirement.


  • The entrance to the building is locked with an Average lock, but can be opened if you possess the key held by Decentius.
  • Entering the building is considered trespassing.
  • The bed is not free to use, and taking any item is considered stealing.
  • All interior containers respawn, except the chest in the alcove next to the entrance, the armory chest, and the two sacks.
  • Dead Drop Orders 8, obtained during the Dark Brotherhood questline, states there is a sack containing the next dead drop orders and a reward under the bed. However, the sack is not there at any stage, presumably because the traitor was caught.