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Aleron Loche's House
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Aleron Loche's House

Aleron Loche's House is a home in the middle of Bravil overlooking the Lucky Old Lady and situated above Henantier's House and next to the Skooma Den above Carandial's House.

It is the former residence of the too-credulous Aleron Loche, and currently that of his wife, Ursanne Loche. It consists of one zone, Aleron Loche's House.


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Aleron Loche's HouseEdit

Upon entering the house there is a pair of green felt linens on top of a chest of drawers containing clutter. A locked clutter chest and a barrel rest on a support wall to the right of the drawers. In the closet near the entrance is a grain sack and a clutter sack. A wooden shelving unit along the northern wall holds a pumpkin and some lower-class dishes with a clutter chest situated on top of them. The shelving unit is also situated in between a locked chest that houses some armor and a bench that holds another pumpkin. Near the chest are some drawers containing more clutter with a bowl situated on top of them. On the food preparation bench is a loaf of bread and a wedge of cheese along with some lower-class dishes. Adjacent to the fireplace is another set of drawers which also contain clutter. Near these drawers are two barrels, one of which contains food and the other contains clutter. The east-western corner has two pantries that contain more food and clutter along with a double bed.


  • Aleron and Ursanne carry the key to this location.
  • Both chests are non-respawning and therefore safe for storage.
  • Although the house is in Aleron's name, he never sets foot in the house.