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(RefID: 000293D4)
Home City Skingrad
Location Skingrad Fighters Guild
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 19 Class Blademaster
RefID 000293D4 BaseID 000293D5
Other Information
Health 188 Magicka 127
Responsibility 60 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Fighters Guild Warder(Warder Warder); Skingrad Citizen

Ah-Malz is an Argonian blademaster who can usually be found at the Skingrad Fighters Guild Hall.

He wakes up every morning at 6am and spends the next 4 hours standing beside his bed. At 10am, he leaves the Guild for a walk down to the chapel and returns at noon to eat lunch with the other guild members. At 2pm, he heads down into the guild basement for a 4 hour sparring session against fellow guildmember and goblin hunter Parwen, after which he eats his dinner upstairs for 2 hours. From 8pm, he will stand close to wherever he eats dinner until finally going to bed at midnight.

During the day he is clad in heavy armor consisting of iron boots, gauntlets, and a cuirass. In the evening, he will change into something more casual: a dark green shirt and green felt linens. He also carries a steel claymore and a small amount of gold.


His favorite pastime is no different than his fellow Fighters Guild members': hunting goblins. His introduction makes that clear:

"Ah-Malz of the Fighters Guild. Welcome to Skingrad County. Come hunting goblins, have you?"

When asked about Skingrad, he'll tell you about them:

"The whole West Weald is pretty good goblin hunting country. They're thick here in Colovia, along the Valenwood and Elsweyr borders."

After this conversation you can select the "Goblin Hunting" topic, at which point he'll mark Derelict Mine on your map:

Goblin Hunting
"Try the big goblin den called 'Derelict Mine' out east along the Gold Road."


His hatred towards goblins hasn't gone unnoticed in Skingrad. The citizens will tell you:

"Ah-Malz at the Fighters Guild has gotten to be an expert on goblin hunting. He just hates the things."
"I heard Ah-Mahlz [sic] was out hunting goblins again. Good. They're vermin."

To which others will respond:

"I'm glad he's doing it. Those things are disgusting, a menace to us all."
"Goblins are filth. More power to him."

His sparring with Parwen seems to spill over into friendly competition, too:

"Parwen has really got a thing for goblins. I think she and Ah-Malz keep a running tally of who has killed more."


  • There are two unused AI packages in the files bearing his name: AhMalzWestWealdInn16x1 would've made him visit the West Weald Inn at 4pm for an hour, after which the second package AhMalzTwoSistersLodge17x1 would've taken him to the other inn in town for an hour, before he would return to the guild hall.


  • Ah-Malz stands around doing nothing from 6am to 10am, and from 8pm to midnight because his AI package is set up as a "Travel" rather than a "Wander". Since he is already in the Fighters Guild building, he ends up doing nothing.