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        Type:   Stats

     Returns:   Current water level.
     Example:   getWaterLevel

     Scripts:   torch_lever


Takes the current water level and adds increment to it. This function is different from SetWaterLevel in the same way that Move is different from SetPos; the water level is moved a certain distance on each calculation rather than being set once.
Warning: ModWaterLevel seems to be calculated faster than Move, so your increment value should be rather small.
                ModWaterLevel increment

        Type:   Stats

     Returns:   none
     Example:   ModWaterLevel 0.1



                SetWaterLevel height

       Where:   Height = new height.

        Type:   Stats

     Returns:   none
     Example:   setWaterLevel 105.6

     Scripts:   torch_lever
  • Functions added in Tribunal. Not available in base Morrowind installation.
  • SetWaterLevel only works in interior cells that do not look like exterior cells.
  • In exterior cells, setWaterLevel has no effect.
  • In interior cells set to act as exterior cells, SetWaterLevel causes some objects to move for one frame and npcs to float?
  • Wild idea: perhaps with proper timing you could simulate an earthquake using SetWaterLevel in an interior cell.
  • Given limitations, there doesn't seem to be any really good way to do tides.
  • Perhaps you could use a normal interior cell, and simulate the sky?
    • But that's a lot of work, and you'd have to surrender weather.
  • Perhaps you could use a large water mesh which you raised and lowered.
    • But that wouldn't act like water. No rain ripples, no swimming, etc.