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SetAcrobatics SetAgility SetAlarm SetAlchemy SetAlteration SetArmorBonus
SetArmorer SetAthletics SetAttackBonus SetAxe SetBlindness SetBlock
SetBluntWeapon SetCastPenalty SetChameleon SetConjuration SetDefendBonus SetDestruction
SetDisposition SetEnchant SetEndurance SetFatigue SetFight SetFlee
SetFlying SetHandToHand SetHealth SetHeavyArmor SetHello SetIllusion
SetIntelligence SetInvisible SetLevel SetLightArmor SetLongBlade SetLuck
SetMarksman SetMediumArmor SetMagicka SetMercantile SetMysticism SetParalysis
SetPCCrimeLevel SetPCVisionBonus SetPersonality SetReputation SetResistBlight SetResistCorprus
SetResistDisease SetResistFire SetResistFrost SetResistMagicka SetResistNormalWeapons SetResistParalysis
SetResistPoison SetResistShock SetRestoration SetScale SetSecurity SetShortblade
SetSilence SetSneak SetSpear SetSpeechcraft SetSpeed SetStrength
SetSuperJump SetSwimSpeed SetUnarmored SetWaterBreathing SetWaterWalking SetWillpower

       Where:   Value = Value to set the stat by.  Can be a literal value or a
                        variable (float).

        Type:   Stats

     Returns:   none
     Example:   player->SetFatigue, 0
                SetStrength, LocalVar

     Scripts:   ouch_keening

These Set functions will set the exact value of the statistic. Most of these functions will also accept a float variable instead of a literal numeric value (SetLevel will not). There are several special cases of the Set___ functions as described below.

  • SetScale - New in Tribunal
  • SetPCCrimeLevel - Player only
  • SetPCVisionBonus - Player only, Undocumented
  • SetAlarm
  • SetFight
  • SetFlee
  • SetHello - When you use these functions you change the AI settings for ALL references of the actor, not just the calling reference.
  • SetScale - You can exceed the 0.5 to 2.0 scale limits imposed by the editor. You shouldn't call SetScale in every frame, at least not in exteriors or other FPS-critical situations. Keep in mind that the scale will be reset to the 0.5 - 2.0 range when you reload. Either call it regularly (about every 10 frames) or test for GetScale and reset the scale when it doesn't fit.

Note that the SetInvisible was incorrectly spelled as SetInvisibile in the original Morrowind game (fixed in a later patch or Tribunal?).

See Also: GetStat, ModStat