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GetAcrobatics GetAgility GetAlarm GetAlchemy GetAlteration GetArmorBonus
GetArmorer GetAthletics GetAttackBonus GetAxe GetBlindness GetBlock
GetBluntWeapon GetCastPenalty GetChameleon GetConjuration GetDefendBonus GetDestruction
GetDisposition GetEnchant GetEndurance GetFatigue GetFight GetFlee
GetFlying GetHandToHand GetHealth GetHeavyArmor GetHello GetIllusion
GetIntelligence GetInvisible GetLevel GetLightArmor GetLongBlade GetLuck
GetMarksman GetMediumArmor GetMagicka GetMercantile GetMysticism GetParalysis
GetPCCrimeLevel GetPCVisionBonus GetPersonality GetReputation GetResistBlight GetResistCorprus
GetResistDisease GetResistFire GetResistFrost GetResistMagicka GetResistNormalWeapons GetResistParalysis
GetResistPoison GetResistShock GetRestoration GetScale GetSecurity GetShortblade
GetSilence GetSneak GetSpear GetSpeechcraft GetSpeed GetStrength
GetSuperJump GetSwimSpeed GetUnarmored GetWaterBreathing GetWaterWalking GetWillpower

        Type:   Stats

     Returns:   float
     Example:   if ( player->GetHealth < 10 )
                set MyStr to GetStrength

     Scripts:   ouch_keening

These functions are used to return the various statistics of the calling actor or player. There are several special cases of the Get___ functions as described below.

  • GetScale - New in Tribunal
  • GetPCCrimeLevel - Player only
  • GetPCVisionBonus - Player only, Undocumented

Note that the GetInvisible was incorrectly spelled as GetInvisibile in the original Morrowind game (fixed in a later patch or Tribunal?).

See Also: ModStat, SetStat