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ModAcrobatics ModAgility ModAlarm ModAlchemy ModAlteration ModArmorBonus
ModArmorer ModAthletics ModAttackBonus ModAxe ModBlindness ModBlock
ModBluntWeapon ModCastPenalty ModChameleon ModConjuration ModCurrentFatigue ModCurrentHealth
ModCurrentMagicka ModDefendBonus ModDestruction ModDisposition ModEnchant ModEndurance
ModFatigue ModFight ModFlee ModFlying ModHandToHand ModHealth
ModHeavyArmor ModHello ModIllusion ModIntelligence ModInvisible ModLightArmor
ModLongBlade ModLuck ModMarksman ModMediumArmor ModMagicka ModMercantile
ModMysticism ModParalysis ModPCCrimeLevel ModPCVisionBonus ModPersonality ModReputation
ModResistBlight ModResistCorprus ModResistDisease ModResistFire ModResistFrost ModResistMagicka
ModResistNormalWeapons ModResistParalysis ModResistPoison ModResistShock ModRestoration ModScale
ModSecurity ModShortblade ModSilence ModSneak ModSpear ModSpeechcraft
ModSpeed ModStrength ModSuperJump ModSwimSpeed ModUnarmored ModWaterBreathing
ModWaterWalking ModWillpower
                Mod____, Value

       Where:   Value = Value to modify the stat by.  Can be a literal value or a
                        variable (float).

        Type:   Stats

     Returns:   none
     Example:   player->ModCurrentHealth, -10
                ModSuperJump, LocalVar

     Scripts:   darksunScript

These Mod____ functions will modify the actor's statistic by the given amount. The functions will also accept a float variable instead of a literal number value. There are several special cases of the Mod___ functions as described below.

  • ModScale - New in Tribunal
  • ModPCCrimeLevel - Player only
  • ModPCVisionBonus - Player only, Undocumented
  • ModLevel - No such function, only GetLevel and SetLevel.
  • ModAlarm
  • ModFight
  • ModFlee
  • ModHello - When you use these functions you change the AI settings for ALL references of the actor, not just the calling reference.
  • ModCurrentHealth
  • ModCurrentMagicka
  • ModCurrentFatigue - Special Mod functions. There are no matching Get/Set functions for these.

Note that the ModInvisible was incorrectly spelled as ModInvisibile in the original Morrowind game (fixed in a later patch or Tribunal?).

See Also: GetStat, SetStat.