Morrowind:Ten Pace Boots

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Ten Pace Boots
Artifact: Ten Pace Boots (tenpaceboots)
Type Boots
Rating Rating 80 (266 Max)
Rating Rating 80 (266 Max) Health Health 800
Weight Weight 60 (Heavy) Value Value 140,000
Cast When Used
Fortify Speed Fortify Speed 20 pts for 120 secs on Self
Fortify Athletics Fortify Athletics 20 pts for 120 secs on Self
Drain Fatigue Drain Fatigue 5 pts for 120 secs on Self
Slowfall Slowfall 1 pt for 120 secs on Self
Charge/Cost = Uses 1,590/318 = 5
Ten Pace Boots

Not much is known about the origin of the Ten Pace Boots. They're made of heavy leather and provide superior travel when jumping.

The boots are found in a locked chest in the Inner Shrine section of Bal Fell (on an island far east of Vivec), in front of the statue to Sheogorath.



  • There is a bug with mesh for these boots, which makes your feet disappear while wearing them.