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Shulk Egg Mine
(view on map)
# of Zones 3
Mine Type Egg
# of Samples 133 in Egg Sacs
2 in Barrel
3 in Basket
0-20 from Kwama
Kwama, Miners, Bandits
Console Location Code(s)
Shulk Egg Mine
Shulk Egg Mine, Mining Camp
Shulk Egg Mine, Queen's Lair
Ascadian Isles, [-4,-4]
Shulk Egg Mine

Shulk Egg Mine is a large House Hlaalu egg mine located south of Balmora along the banks of the Odai River.

The mine is owned by Hlaalu noble and House Councilman Dram Bero, who lives in the St. Olms Canton in Vivec. Shulk Egg Mine is the largest single source of Kwama Eggs in all of Vvardenfell.

The mine is worked by six miners, two of whom are found just outside the entrance to the mine, and four who are found in the miner's camp inside. In addition there are two ex-miners who are involved in egg poaching, and are the targets of a Fighters Guild quest.

Related QuestsEdit

Fighters GuildEdit

  • Egg Poachers: Get rid of two poachers in the Shulk Egg Mine.

Imperial CultEdit


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Daynila Valas   Dark Elf Miner 4 64 84 0 100 Queen's Lair
Dinok   Redguard Miner 5 92 66 75 30 Outside
Findulain   Wood Elf Miner 5 72 86 75 30 Outside
Miner Gor   Redguard Miner 5 92 66 0 30 Mining Camp
Miner Juillen   Breton Miner 6 85 108 0 30 Mining Camp
Miner Kati   Redguard Miner 6 95 68 0 30 Mining Camp
Miner Lisaa   Nord Miner 6 95 68 0 30 Mining Camp
Sevilo Othan   Dark Elf Miner 5 80 86 0 100 Queen's Lair


Shulk Egg MineEdit

The interior of the mine


Mining CampEdit

The miners' camp


Queen's LairEdit

The queen's lair



Interior map of Shulk Egg Mine


The mine makes a subsequent "prequel" appearance, in Elder Scrolls Online, set several hundred years in Tamriel's past: in a prior incarnation as Shulk Ore Mine (what type of ore is not specified, or seen in-game). At the time, its miners have just been killed or driven off by anti-Vivec cultists, but even when the mine is cleared, there is dialogue suggesting that the mine's ore veins are just about worked out anyway, and they might have to bring in kwama to repurpose it as an egg mine.