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Dram Bero (dram bero)
Home City Vivec
House St. Olms Haunted Manor
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 21 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 159 Magicka 144
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Essential Until completion of Main Quest
Faction(s) House Hlaalu Councilman(Councilman)
Dram Bero

Dram Bero is a Dark Elf noble and a councilor of Great House Hlaalu. Highly reclusive but also shrewd and diplomatic, he can be found hidden behind a locked (50) door in the lower levels of the Haunted Manor in the Plaza in St. Olms Canton in Vivec. He apparently distrusts fellow councilor Nevena Ules, seemingly preferring to ally himself with Crassius Curio. As such, he is seemingly one of the more progressive and least corrupt of the Hlaalu leaders. Bero holds a high standard for the House, shunning petty thuggery and murder, as reinforced in his book Grasping Fortune, an introduction to House Hlaalu. He wears an extravagant shirt with matching belt, pants, and shoes. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Bero is an important character, involved in several quest lines, including the Main Quest, during which you will need to gain his approval in order to become Hortator of House Hlaalu. He is also important to members of House Hlaalu, who will need to locate him and defeat his champion, Garding the Bold, in order to gain his support on the Hlaalu council.

Additionally, Bero is very interested in the location of the lost Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine, the location of which—although technically outside of his jurisdiction—he will consider valuable knowledge. If you choose to reveal the location of the mine to him (instead of revealing it to either Nevana Ules or Velanda Omani), Dram will reward you with a daedric weapon. However, as he distrusts Nevana, he will not reward you if you have visited her since discovering the mine and prior to revealing the mine's location to him.


  • Greetings:
    • "I take precautions to ensure that I am not found easily... I see I will have to take more precautions. But what can I do for you?"
    • "So you've found me again? Easier than the first time, no? What are you here to discuss?"

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

House HlaaluEdit

Morag TongEdit


Quest-Related EventsEdit

Hlaalu HortatorEdit

Once you have located Dram Bero in his house, getting him to confirm you as Hortator of House Hlaalu is a simple matter (unless you have murdered any of his fellow councilors but Yngling Half-Troll, that is):

  • Hlaalu Hortator
    • "A Hortator is the leader of a Great House in times of war."
    • Ask how a Hortator is chosen.
      • "A Hortator is a House champion chosen in times of war. A Hortator's duty is to lead and inspire the Great Houses against its foes. Only a Great House's councilors can vote for a Hortator, and the vote must be unanimous. For example, for the Hlaalu council to choose a Hortator, all Hlaalu councilors would have to agree."
    • Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator
      • [If Velanda Omani, Nevena Ules or Crassius Curio is dead.] "Why would I support you as Hortator for House Hlaalu? I heard you were involved in the death of a Hlaalu councilor. That just won't do. I'm afraid that makes it impossible for me to consider you for the office of Hortator."
      • [Else.] "You have found me, and that means you are resourceful. Yes, I will vote for you as Hortator. But my vote alone means nothing. Yngling is a fool. You may bribe him or kill him. Crassius Curio is a man of passion, and can be manipulated. But Velanda and Nevena are Orvas Dren's creatures, and they will do nothing without his approval."

If you speak with him again after he has agreed to vote for you as the Hlaalu Hortator, he says:

  • "Yes, I will name you the Hlaalu Hortator. Anything else you need?"
  • Hlaalu Hortator
    • "I have already confirmed you as Hortator of House Hlaalu. Now you must convince the other Hlaalu councilors. Once they all agree, speak with Crassius Curio again. He will give you your title and the Belt of the Hortator, a symbol of your office."

Mentioning the topic again after you have gathered the support of the remaining councilors prompts him to say:

  • "So. You have gained the entire council's support. I must congratulate you on your skillful handling of Orvas Dren. To be confirmed as Hortator, see Crassius Curio again. He now holds the Belt of the Hortator. A symbol of your new title."

And finally, after you have accepted the Belt of the Hortator from Crassius Curio, his greeting changes to

  • "You are welcome in my home, Hortator."

Bero's SupportEdit

Getting Dram Bero to support you on the Council is a tad more involved than getting him to recognize you as the Hlaalu Hortator:

  • "I believe you are here to ask for my support on the Council."
  • support on the Council
    • [If Dram Bero has already recognized you as the Hlaalu Hortator.] "I have supported you as Hortator, but pledging my support on the Hlaalu Council in another matter. If I am to risk supporting you, I must know that you are strong as well as clever. I will offer my support if you best my champion, Garding the Bold. Are you willing?"
    • [Else.] "I am impressed that you found my manor. If I am to risk supporting you, I must know that you are strong as well as clever. I will offer my support if you best my champion, Garding the Bold. Are you willing?"

Regardless of which of the two above cases is applicable, the responses that are available to you are the same:

  • Yes.
    • "Good. You may use any tactics at your disposal. I would prefer that you spare his life, but I will not insist upon it. When you are ready, speak with my champion, Garding the Bold. Then meet him in the Arena."
  • No, not yet.
    • "I expected more spirit, %PCName, from what Crassius Curio has said of you. Speak with me again if you change your mind."

If you mention the topic again before you have defeated Garding the Bold, he says:

  • support on the Council
    • "Speak with my champion, Garding the Bold."

Even though he will support you regardless of how you handled Garding in the Arena, he will be far more pleased with you if you spared the Nord's life:

  • support on the Council
    • [If Garding the Bold is dead. Disposition -10.] "You killed Garding, which is quite disappointing, but I agree that it was a fair fight. I will support you on the Council."
    • [Else. Disposition +10.] "You defeated my champion fairly. I will support you on the Council."

If you speak with him again after he has agreed to lend you his support, he says:

  • "You have my support. What else can I do for you, %PCName?"
  • support on the Council
    • "Yes you have my support."

Unfortunately, if you kill Garding the Bold outside of the Arena, then Dram Bero will be too upset with you to lend you his support:

  • "You killed my champion, Garding. Don't expect a friendly welcome."
  • support on the Council
    • "Normally I would support you, but you have killed my champion, Garding. Since you did this without any provocation, I will not offer you my support. That is final." Goodbye.

And finally, if you happen to be expelled from House Hlaalu while you try to do this quest, Dram Bero will say:

  • support on the Council
    • "How can I support you if you've been expelled?"

Vassir-Didanat Ebony MineEdit

Dram Bero is one of three Hlaalu councilors to whom you can report the location of the Vassir-Didanat ebony mine after you rediscover it:

  • Vassir Didanat Mine'
    • "The mine of Vassir-Didanat has been lost for many years. Would you, perhaps, know the location of this mine?"
    • Tell the location of Vassir-Didanat.
      • "So. That is technically not in my jurisdiction, but I can still make use of his knowledge. I feel you deserve some compensation... What type of weapon do you use?"
      • Axe.
        • [1 Daedric Battle Axe has been added to your inventory.] "Very well. I believe this Daedric Battle Axe will be of some use to you."
      • Blunt
        • [1 Daedric Staff has been added to your inventory.] "Hm. A blunt weapon... I do have this Daedric Staff. Perhaps not quite what you were looking for, but it is of the highest quality."
      • Longblade.
        • [1 Daedric Katana has been added to your inventory.] "I have just the thing for you. A Daedric Katana. It is rumored to be of Akaviri manufacture."
      • Bows.
        • [1 Daedric Longbow has been added to your inventory.] "I like to keep a distance from my enemies as well. Please take this Daedric Longbow with my gratitude."
      • Shortblade.
        • [1 Daedric Wakizashi has been added to your inventory.] "I have a Daedric Wakizashi. Rumored to be an Akaviri original. Take it with my gratitude."
      • Spear.
        • [1 Daedric Spear has been added to your inventory.] "It just so happens that I have a Daedric Spear. No finer spear may be found in all of Vvardenfell, I assure you."
    • Nevermind.
      • "Oh, you're looking for it too, eh? Well, if you do find it, I might give you a token of my gratitude. Not a payment, of course, but a gift."

If you mention the mine again after you have shared its location with him, he says:

  • Vassir Didanat Mine
    • "You've made me a happy man, %PCName. I can't officially mine the ebony myself, but this knowledge will be most useful."

Unfortunately, you won't receive a reward from Dram Bero if you have already shared the mine's location with either of the two other candidates (neither of whom rewards you nearly as well as he does):

  • Vassir Didanat Mine
    • [If you told Nevena Ules about the mine.] "Hmm... So you told Nevena Ules about the mine. Has she paid you yet? No, I can tell by your expression that she has not. Next time speak with me. I am sure I could have made a better offer."
    • [If you told Velanda Omani about the mine.] "I am glad the mine has been rediscovered... But next time, speak with me first. I am sure I could have made you a better offer."