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Morrowind:Pudai Egg Mine

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Pudai Egg Mine
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# of Zones 2
Mine Type Egg
# of Samples 67
Almsivi Intervention Gnisis
Divine Intervention Buckmoth Legion Fort
Kwama, Slaughterfish
Console Location Code(s)
Pudai Egg Mine, Pudai Egg Mine, Queen's Lair
Sheogorad, [3,21]
Pudai Egg Mine

Pudai Egg Mine is an egg mine west-southwest of Dagon Fel.

The Pudai queen with her seven golden eggs

This mine has been long lost and is rumored to hold some extraordinary treasure: Golden Eggs.

Exit Dagon Fel to the west, then go south when the path splits. At the next split go west (you should pass an Orc named Bulak gra-Murug). Continue west past a few more forks in the road; the Pudai Egg Mine will be on your right. If the path ends in water, turn around and walk back east and look on your left—the mine is very close.

The Golden Eggs can be found behind the queen in the Queen's Lair. Be warned that each of the seven eggs has a weight of 30, so be sure you can carry that much.

Related QuestsEdit

Fighters GuildEdit

  • The Pudai Eggmine: Retrieve the Seven Eggs of Gold from the Pudai Egg Mine in the Sheogorad region.


Map of Pudai Egg Mine
Map of Pudai Egg Mine, Queen's Lair