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This page contains a complete list of all weapons in Morrowind (and the expansions) which will be affected by the Resist Normal Weapons and Weakness to Normal Weapons effects. Contrary to the description, many of these weapons are actually enchanted, and not all unenchanted qualify as normal (e.g. Ebony, Daedric, and Dwarven weapons, the Orc Warhammer, etc.). Note that in the case of bows and arrows/crossbows and bolts, only one of them needs to be enchanted to qualify. Also, any items you enchant yourself or have enchanted by an Enchanter will now be considered "enchanted" for the purposes of these effects. Note that the effect need not be an "on strike" effect. A "constant effect" or "on use" effect will work as well. Non-elemental melee attacks from creatures also qualify as "normal".