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Garding the Bold (garding)
Home City Vivec
Location St. Olms Haunted Manor
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 19 Class Barbarian
Other Information
Health 177 Magicka 88
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Garding the Bold

Garding the Bold is a Nord barbarian located behind a locked door in the Haunted Manor in Vivec's St. Olms canton. He is Dram Bero's champion. Take care should you accept the Councilor's challenge to fight Garing; Bero does not desire a fight to the death.

He wears common pants and two common rings. Aside from his natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield himself, and a natural frost damage spell, he knows no spells.

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House HlaaluEdit


  • Greeting
"You want a duel? You got a duel."
"Enough %PCName. You beat me fairly. I'll tell Dram what happened." Goodbye
  • duel
"Very well. Meet me in the Arena here in Vivec."
  • Dram Bero
"Dram is my boss. You want to talk business, talk to him."