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Galdal Omayn (galdal omayn)
Home Town Ghostgate
Location Tower of Dusk
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 19 Class Buoyant Armiger
Other Information
Health 124 Magicka 108
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple 6(Disciple)
Galdal Omayn

Galdal Omayn is a Dark Elf buoyant armiger stationed at Ghostgate. She can be found at the top of the Tower of Dusk.

She is one of the highest-ranking military leaders of the Tribunal Temple, serving as the current Grand Marshal of the Buoyant Armigers on Vvardenfell. She, along with Ralyn Othravel, is responsible for maintaining the garrison at the Ghostgate to fight back against the Sixth House at Red Mountain. With the ever-growing strength of Dagoth Ur and the waning of the Tribunal's power, her duty is becoming increasingly overwhelming.

Galdal wears an extremely rare Daedric Face of Inspiration with a nearly full set of glass armor, including the cuirass, greaves, pauldrons, shield, and boots. She also wears an expensive shirt, pants, and shoes and a warden's ring. She wields a glass jinkblade. Aside from her natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows the spells Weakness to Corpus Disease, Vivec's Wrath, Ash Feast, Frost Storm, Frost Bolt, Daedric Bite, Lightning Storm, Lightning Bolt, Temptation, and Wild Torpor.