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Morrowind:Deserted Shipwreck

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Deserted Shipwreck
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
Deserted Shipwreck, Cabin

Deserted Shipwreck, Lower Level
Deserted Shipwreck, Upper Level

Azura's Coast, [9,-11]
The Deserted Shipwreck

The Deserted Shipwreck is a vessel run aground about halfway between the two island ruins of Mzahnch and Bal Fell.

This ship was lost while carrying booze, food, steel weapons and armor, and a crate of Raw Ebony. The locked (15) chest in the submerged cabin holds 23 random minor potions.


  • An unused key which references the coordinates of this shipwreck exists in the data files, but is not found anywhere in-game.


  • The trap door to the outside (from the Upper Level) glitches - it only works when you target the latch.