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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
West Gash, [-8,17]

Ashir-Dan is a small smugglers' cave to the east of Khuul. The cave contains mostly random loot including weapons, booze, moon sugar and skooma, a greater and lesser soul gem, and a large number of empty bottles. It is evident the gang of eight smugglers have drank away a large proportion of their profits.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Ariulcabor Leontiulonus   Imperial Assassin 15 114 140 0 90
Balsa Girith   Dark Elf Thief 15 107 124 0 90
Benar Neleth   Dark Elf Battlemage 14 106 158 0 90
Brelayne Verano   Dark Elf Assassin 15 109 140 0 90
Cinda   Imperial Warrior 17 187 106 0 90
Daracy   Redguard Healer 15 105 90 0 80
Varenu Indaram   Dark Elf Archer 1 40 80 0 90
Varis Ginith   Dark Elf Nightblade 14 89 108 0 90


  • Cinda carries Ebony Boots worth 10,000 septims.


Map of Ashir-Dan