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Abebaal Egg Mine
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# of Zones 1
Mine Type Egg
# of Samples 27 in Egg Sacs
4 in Crate
0-8 from Kwama
Kwama, Slaves
Console Location Code(s)
Abebaal Egg Mine
Azura's Coast, [14,-11]
Abebaal Egg Mine

Abebaal Egg Mine is on the north side of the island northwest of Tel Branora, run by Telvanni and staffed by slaves.

It is a moderately sized, Telvanni-operated egg mine located in southeastern Vvardenfell on Azura's Coast between Tel Branora and Molag Mar.

The mine is rich in kwama eggs but doesn't contain much in the way of other loot. It is currently worked by six Telvanni-owned slaves. The slaves are in a state of revolt against the mad demands of Mistress Therana, and as a member of House Telvanni, you are sent to the mine to quell the uprising.

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House TelvanniEdit


  • The slave rebellion at Abebaal is underway from the start of the game, and you may enter the mine and respond in any way you see fit at any time. No affiliation with House Telvanni is needed.
  • The key to the slave bracers is located inside a crate found in the Kwama Queen's chamber. If you talk to the slave leader Eleedal-Lei and give him the key, he will free all other slaves. Other copies of the key are on Mistress Therana and in a desk in Lower Tel Branora.
  • If you collect slave bracers to keep track of how many slaves you have freed, after you give the key to Eleedal-Lei and leave the mine the slaves will disappear with him and you will find all the bracers in a nice little pile right inside the door.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Ahnarra Female Khajiit Slave 5 67 86 90 30
Dan-Ru Male Argonian Slave 5 67 86 90 30
Dro'Zah Male Khajiit Slave 5 67 86 90 30
Eleedal-Lei Male Argonian Slave 9 94 92 90 30
J'Dato Male Khajiit Slave 5 67 86 90 30
Seen-Rei Female Argonian Slave 5 67 106 90 30


Abebaal Egg Mine, interior map