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Abandoned Shipwreck
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
Abandoned Shipwreck, Cabin

Abandoned Shipwreck, Lower Level
Abandoned Shipwreck, Upper Level

Sheogorad, [1,23]
The Abandoned Shipwreck

The Abandoned Shipwreck is just off the northeastern coast of the island of Vas, northwest from Sud. It has run aground and only the stern is underwater.

This wreck holds a couple of crates full of booze, alchemical ingredients, 40 pillows and the Cabin Key, plus an invoice for Drarayne Thelas of Balmora. She should acknowledge this, but a bug prevents this after you have completed the Exterminator quest for the Fighters Guild. See Thelas' Pillows for more information and a possible fix.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Thelas' Pillows: Discover the lost shipment of Drarayne Thelas' pillows in the Abandoned Shipwreck.


  • All 40 pillows in the shipment remain aboard the Abandoned Shipwreck, but there is no option to inform Drarayne Thelas of this or to give her the pillows, even if you remove them from the Abandoned Shipwreck and bring them to Thelas in Balmora.