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Lore:Ward of Akavir

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Ward of Akavir

The Ward of Akavir is a priceless artifact treasured by the Imperial Legion. It is a tower shield with an Imperial Dragonscale design, made from the actual skin of a dragon. It bears a powerful enchantment which makes the wielder far luckier. Its origins are unknown, but its name implies that the artifact is related to the continent of Akavir in some way.

The shield was originally possessed by the Imperial Legion. It was stored within Fort Firemoth, an Imperial outpost located in the Inner Sea of Morrowind. Some time in the Third Era, an undead skeleton army led by the lich Grurn marched out of the sea and overran the fort, leaving few survivors. To the Legion's shame, the Ward of Akavir was lost. Grurn claimed it for himself and took it deep underground, to a Velothi tomb located below the fort.

In 3E 427, a Knight Errant of the Legion named Sellus Gravius hired a band of adventurers to sail to Firemoth, infiltrate the ruined fort, slay Grurn and recover the shield. After it was returned, Sellus claimed the Legions’ honor was restored.[1]


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