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Lore:Veraxia Tharn

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Empress Veraxia Tharn
Race Imperial Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Imperial City
Veraxia's husband Durcorach

Veraxia Tharn was a member of the prominent Nibenese House Tharn of Cheydinhal active during the Interregnum in Second Era.[1][2]

During her lifetime the Reachfolk led by Durcorach the Black Drake conquered the Cyrodiil and founded the Longhouse Dynasty in 2E 533.[3]

One year after the conquest, in 2E 534 she married the Emperor Durcorach.[1] The new Emperor decided to marry her for political gain, in an attempt to merge Reach sensibilities with Imperial culture in order to reinforce his connection and commitment to the Empire.[2]

Her fate following the death of her husband in 2E 541[4] or 2E 542,[5] and the fall of the Longhouse Dynasty in 2E 577[2][6] is unknown.


  • Although Veraxia married Durcorach, she was not the mother of his son and inheritor Moricar, who was a teenager when his father and Veraxia married.[1]