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The original Orsinium
Warlord Thulgeg
Race Orc Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Hollow Wastes
"Our enemies surround us, and still our clans bicker with each other. We must stand together under one banner, or be defeated alone." —Thulgeg[1]

Warlord Thulgeg was an Orsimer warlord who led the Desert Orcs and Goblins of Hammerfell on an exodus to High Rock in 1E 874 after being driven out of the province by the Redguards.[2][3]


Map of Hollow Wastes circa 2E 582
Bangkorai Garrison

For many years, the Orcs of the Hollow Wastes valiantly resisted the Ra Gada. Yet, as time passed, the coastal Redguard kingdoms grew stronger, while the desert Orcs' holds fell one by one. During this period, the warrior-chief Thulgeg came of age. Observing the encroaching enemies from all directions and the ongoing internal bickering among the clans, he intended to bring unity to the Orcs of Hammerfell. The desert clans heeded Thulgeg's call and united their forces. When a host from Hegathe marched against Clan Korkhugg, Thulgeg rallied all the desert clans to its defense, delivering a sharp defeat to the Redguards and driving them back to their city. In recognition of his victory, the chiefs named him Warlord and pledged their loyalty. However, Thulgeg foresaw potential defeat in their victory. Even united, the clans couldn't breach Hegathe's formidable walls. Reflecting on their situation from a hill overlooking the city, he concluded that the exodus was necessary. Though heavy-hearted, the desert chiefs acknowledged Thulgeg's wisdom. As the Redguards gathered their forces, the desert clans dismantled their forges and took what they could carry, following Thulgeg eastward. Many Goblin tribes joined them, swelling their numbers. Thulgeg led the arduous march through the canyons of Tigonus, a journey fraught with thirst and suffering. In the Fallen Wastes, the Redguards of Hel Ra tried to stop them, but Thulgeg and a vanguard of a thousand warriors cleared a path through their foes.[1] Thulgeg and his followers crossed the Alik'r Desert, but were denied entry into High Rock through the Bangkorai Pass, so he led them northeast through the Dragontail Mountains.[2][3] Approaching the gates of Bangkorai, Thulgeg hoped to cross the mountains before the pass could be blocked. However, the men of High Rock were prepared. After a long day's battle, the defenses still held. With a large Redguard force approaching, Thulgeg realized he was caught between the hammer and the anvil. He told his chiefs that they could not stay but also could not leave foes behind. He instructed the clans to march to the mountains under cover of darkness, leaving their campfires burning. Thulgeg would remain behind with five hundred warriors to create the illusion that they were still there. The clans obeyed. For three days, Thulgeg feigned assaults, keeping the men of High Rock behind their walls and drawing the Redguard host north to Bangkorai while the desert clans retreated into the mountains. Only then did Thulgeg and the few survivors make their own escape. When the Redguard host reached the deserted camp, they saw the dead and the abandoned tents, believing they had wiped out the desert clans. But Thulgeg's people survived and, in time, he led them to Wrothgar.[1] They eventually settled in the Wrothgarian Mountains, finding safe haven in the city of Orsinium,[2][3] where they helped lay its foundations.[1]

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