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Pelinal Whitestrake, possibly the Shezarrine, fighting Umaril

The Shezarrine (or Shezzarine)[UOL 1][UOL 2][UOL 3] was a individual or entity mentioned in the Reman Manuscript of the Song of Pelinal, a work compiled in the early Second Era. Pelinal Whitestrake was identified as potentially being the Shezarrine. The song says that the man who made the claim was then smothered by moths in the night.[1]

The term is derived from the name of Shezarr, the "God of Man", whose name the Song of Pelinal identifies as an alternative for the word "freedom".[2][1] This god, known among other names as Lorkhan, has been described in many cultures as wandering creation after being separated from his divine center.[2] Sep, from the Redguard mythos, "could only slink around in a dead skin."[3] In Khajiiti mythology, Lorkhaj was cursed "to walk Nirni for many phases."[4] In Reachfolk mythology, Lorkh supposedly still walks among the mortals of Nirn and appears only once in a great while, braving the pain and sorrow of the cruel world he created to aid the Reachfolk in times of desperate need.[5]

Historical accounts of Pelinal do paint him as being beyond a mere mortal man. The song of his life describes him as being 'ada', indicating he was an elevated spirit of some sort.[1] Another First Era account expresses the belief that he would come again after his death.[6] A more modern account says that Pelinal could describe his experience during the Middle Dawn, an event that occurred several centuries after his recorded death.[7] A historian describes Pelinal as an immortal who raised multiple kingdoms during the Late Merethic Era, centuries before he appears in the story of Alessia. During this time, he was variously known as Pelinal Whitestrake, Harrald Hairy Breeks, Ysmir (a name attributed to several heroes throughout history), Hans the Fox, and other names lost to history.[8]


  • When asked about Lorkhan and his avatars, developer Michael Kirkbride presented the following list. These are all various names or titles associated with Tiber Septim, Zurin Arctus, and Wulfharth.[UOL 3]
1. Wulfharth L
2. Hjalti O
3. Ysmir R
4. Talos K
5. Arctus H
6. Septim A


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