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The Shezarrines are a group of famed heroes and avatars throughout history who are suspected to bear some connection with each other and Lorkhan. They are named after Shezarr, a Cyrodilic version of Lorkhan introduced as a "watered down" version of Shor during the creation of the Eight Divines.[1] The details and purposes of the Shezarrines are as clouded in mystery, confusion, and debate as Lorkhan himself,[2][3] and hypotheses abound on who or what they represent.

The primary theory (or at least, the one most easily understood) is that each of these immortal champions is an incarnation of Lorkhan, who was separated from his heart and set adrift to wander Mundus, the creation of the Aedra which he helped bring about.[4][5] The Khajiit believe the Aedra (or possibly the Daedra) cursed Lorkhan for his trickery by tearing out his heart and condemning him to "walk Nirni for many phases".[6] The Redguards believe that Sep, their equivalent of Lorkhan, was created to help spirits survive, but his hunger ultimately drove him mad and made him a threat to the spirits he was supposed to protect. So his hunger (the Heart of Lorkhan) was removed, and he was left to "slink around in a dead skin".[4]

Another theory is that each Shezarrine is merely sent by some cultural aspect of Lorkhan, and each may or may not be another incarnation of the same champion.[7] Regardless of the truth behind the heroes, whenever a great champion emerges wielding supernatural strength and power to conquer great threats, the people of Tamriel are left to wonder whether the Missing God has acted to save them once more.

Identifying a Shezarrine with any certainty is all but impossible, and by some accounts even dangerous.[8] Many ancient stories paint the champion of Alessia, Pelinal Whitestrake, as a Shezarrine, as they claim that he possessed supernatural fighting prowess, that he glimpsed the future, that he conversed with his friend Morihaus after being beheaded, and that he may have been incarnated before and would return again one day.[7][8] The same stories claim that when one soldier stated his belief that Pelinal was the Shezarrine, "he was smothered by moths" in the night.[8] The theory of the Shezarrine seems to have become popularized during this period, which may explain why the name for the immortal champions relates to Shezarr, who had been newly minted at the time as the "spirit behind all human undertaking".[1][5] Names of some other possible Shezarrines include Harrald Hairy Breeks, Ysmir (a name attributed to several heroes throughout history), Hans the Fox (one of the Five Hundred Companions),[UOL 1] Arnand the Fox, and Wulfharth.[9][10] There is, of course, much speculation on whether any of the great heroes of the recent ages may be Shezarrines. More obvious Shezarrines include known avatars of Lorkhan or any of his aspects (Shezarr, Shor, Talos).

The confusion caused by many incarnations of the Shezarrine is responsible for many identity mix-ups throughout history. Some examples include the many names of Pelinal Whitestrake, who were likely separate Shezarrines thought to be a single being[citation needed], which would explain the variation in the many legends of his deeds; Tiber Septim, who is officially considered to be one man by the Empire but may have been at least two separate people; and the several figures involved in the Imperial use of the Numidium, including the mysterious Underking.[citation needed]


  • When asked about Lorkhan and his avatars, developer Michael Kirkbride presented the following list. These are all various names or titles associated with three individuals: Tiber Septim, Zurin Arctus, and Wulfharth.[UOL 2]
1. Wulfharth L
2. Hjalti O
3. Ysmir R
4. Talos K
5. Arctus H
6. Septim A

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