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Member of the River-Elk Clan ca. 2E 582

The River-Elk Clan was a prominent clan of Reachfolk that lived in the Reach, a region in western Skyrim during the Interregnum in Second Era. The River-Elks were strong in number and inhabited a multitude of semi-permanent camps throughout the Karth Valley. Although they were distrustful of the foreign way, they willingly engaged in trade with foreigners, provided they proven themselves to be friends to the clan.[1][2]


Chief-of-Chiefs Cannear ca. 2E 582

During the sixth century of the Second Era, River-Elks were led by Chief Cannear. She eventually retired and the position of leadership of the clan was given to her successor.[3]

When Caddach of the Blackdrake Clan became the Ard of Markarth in 2E 559, his power had only extended to the confines of his city while in the Reach proper, the strongest tribes at the time, such as the Eagleseers, the Six-Fords, the River-Elks, and the Thornroots had the most power. To the clans, the Ard was just another chieftain despite the Empire's authority over the Reach.[3]

As of 2E 568 they were still considered one of the more prominent clans in the region.[1]

In the years leading up to 2E 578, Cannear, a chief emeritus of the River-Elk Clan attained the title of Chief-of-Chiefs, a position of great authority in the Reach,[3] and held it for at least four years. In 2E 582 she resolved the longstanding rivalry between the Eagleseer and the Six-Ford clans.[4]

In the same year, some members of the clan moved to the city of Markarth in search of prosperity and safety from the incursion of the Gray Host. One such clansman, a Reachfolk known as Anslettar, wanted to prove himself to Ard Caddach and join the elite unit of Stonehands. It is unknown whether he succeeded or not.[2]

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