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The Blackdrake Clan was a prominent clan of Reachfolk that lived in the Reach during the reign of the Longhouse Emperors. They were composed of friends and close relatives of the Longhouse Emperors.[1]


Caddach of the Blackdrake Clan ca. 2E 582
Emperor Durcorach, the Black Drake

The Blackdrakes rose under the Durcorach, The Black Drake. The clan was formed from a coalition of the closest relatives and friends of the newly crowned Emperor, soon after Cyrodiil was conquered by the unified army of the Reach led by Durcorach and the Longhouse Emperors dynasty was founded in 2E 533.[1][2] The clan took his famous appellation for their own clan name. Due to their relationship with the Emperor line, they were given more respect than clans of such small numbers would usually receive.[1]

During the rule of the Longhouse Emperors under Emperor Moricar, a member of the Blackdrake Clan and a cousin of Leovic, Caddach was made the Imperial Governor of Markarth in 2E 559. His role was to both rule the city and to maintain peace between the local Reach Clans.[2]

As of the year 2E 568, during the reign of the grandson of Durcorach, Emperor Leovic the Blackdrakes were considered one of the most prominent clans in the region.[1]

After the fall of the Longhouse Emperors in 2E 577,[3] a great number of Reachmen departed Cyrodiil. When the last remaining members of Caddach's own clan attempted to take the city of Markarth, Caddach executed them and solidified his rule. Caddach purged his own clan, executing or exiling all remaining Blackdrakes who could challenge him for leadership. According to his own words, he killed all the relatives he could find. Ard had his kin executed by having them thrown from the highest walls of the city, painting the ramparts with their blood.[2][4][5] Caddach abandoned his Imperial title and took instead the old Reach title of ard.[5][2][6]

The Blackdrake Clan was no more. Although individuals associated with the Longhouse Emperors, such as Leovic's advisor, known as the Rat and princess Mairead were alive as of 2E 582,[7][8] the entity was all but extinct. Caddach claimed that "he had no clan but the Reach."[6] He was referred to as the last of the Blackdrakes by some, but he was not fond of this moniker.[4] Although he was married at least three times, it is unknown whether he had descendants or if they took the clan name of Blackdrake.[5]


  • When Durorach allied with the Tagh Droiloch coven in 2E 527, warriors loyal to Durcorach, who were progenitors of the Blackdrake Clan were known to apply the paint made of asp oil and soot to enter a battle frenzy.[9]
  • Camhain Tharn was a nephew of Durcorach, but whether or not he was a member of the Blackdrake Clan is unclear.[10]


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