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Lore:Preserve the Secret

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Preserve the Secret
A cultist's plot surrounding the Four Ambitions

Disastrix Zansora,

The time of the Four Ambitions is almost upon us. We must accelerate our efforts or decades of planning will amount to naught. Emperor Leovic hid the Ambitions and was killed before he could inform me of their locations. But he left clues in various hidden caches throughout the Empire.

We can also ferret out the portions of the secret that my fellow councilors are aware of before we execute them. And yes, they must die to preserve the secret of the Longhouse Emperors. We will blame the Dark Brotherhood for their murders, thus deflecting suspicion from the Order of the Waking Flame for as long as possible. Besides, I have recently learned that one of Leovic's caches is hidden in their former Blackwood sanctuary.

Send out our best acolytes. Kill Steward Farrul Lupus and Councilors Abor, Faleria, Itinia, Jirich, and Sophus. We may need to murder Lovidicus as well. The former chief councilor is too smart for his own good and may realize what is happening and act against us before we can secure the Four Ambitions.

I shall also plan an attack against myself. One that will be foiled but will further implicate the Dark Brotherhood.

Remember, do not contact me. I shall contact you. Nothing must reveal my true nature until the appropriate moment.

In the name of our Lord of Fire and Flood,
High Priest Vandacia