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A book depicting the Four Amibitions

The Four Ambitions are a quartet of powerful beings associated with Mehrunes Dagon.[1] They are symbolized by a boar, a fox and a pair of rams.[2] The Longhouse Emperors long conspired to prepare for their usage, and left their work to the Order of the Waking Flame, Dagonists seeking the Ambitions, for when they were finally ready to use their power to merge Nirn with The Deadlands.[2]


The power of the Four Ambitions: Dagon's egonymic, used to banish him from Nirn for his betrayal of the Longhouse Emperors' bargain

The Reachman chieftain Durcorach began building a following in the Reach, allying with the Tagh Droiloch coven in 2E 527 and subduing all rival clans with their help through means involving Daedric bargains.[3] A deal was struck with Mehrunes Dagon to have Durcorach crowned, with his sorcerers performing countless tasks in wait for the day when the "final part of the arrangement" would be carried out and Dagon will "claim his due" with the Four Ambitions.[4] With years of preparation, Durcorach summoned a great horde of Reach warriors and descended upon Cyrodiil in 2E 533, seizing the Ruby Throne for his own.[5] For the Four Ambitions to come to fruition, Leovic noted that everything "must be ready when the time is right". Within the Longhouse dynasty, "promises were made" and bargains were "set in blood and stone" with Dagon as the Prince's way of not accepting failure.[6]

Durcorach and Moricar continued the work of the Four Ambitions, Moricar having an annex built beneath Imperial City to house the last of their secrets, a safe haven for others to find so they can carry out the work. With Varen Aquilarios at the gates of the Imperial City in 2E 577 towards the end of Colovian Revolt, Leovic gathered those who knew part of the plan in the annex to appeal to the Prince of Destruction and seek his help again. Only his steward Farrul Lupus and the leader of the Order of the Waking Flame knew the entire truth, and even they weren't made privy to the changes needed to be made. The Four Ambitions weren't ready yet, with their "time" still a few years away, but had they been ready Leovic would have used them then to destroy Varen and save his legacy.[6][7] Leovic planned that if he failed, the High Priest of the Order of the Waking Flame would have to deal with the others and determine where he moved the Ambitions;[6][7] Leovic was killed by Varen not long after.[8]

In 2E 582, Farrul Lupus sent Eveli Sharp-Arrow to find a book that put her on the trail of Emperor Leovic's secret, informing her that the Emperor's secret concerns a deal made with Mehrunes Dagon and the Four Ambitions.[2] Lupus was assassinated by the Order of the Waking Flame posing as the Dark Brotherhood,[9] prompting Eveli and the Vestige to travel to the Ne Salas Cache Annex. They recovered a ritual that indicated that the cult planned to use the shrine there to learn the location of the Ambitions, and followed Doombringer Eshil into the Deadlands. Eshil spoke with Dagon, revealing that the High Priest sent him, with Dagon expressing that he invested a high amount of effort into the Ambitions and to his dismay the Ambitions were misplaced and the bargain struck remained unfulfilled, telling Eshil to kill the intruders to get the Ambitions.[10] Eshil was killed by Eveli and the Vestige, who planned to find the people on Leovic's list, warn them about the Dark Brotherhood, and find out what they knew about the Ambitions.[2][11]

List of AmbitionsEdit

There are four known ambitions. They are powerful, so they need to either stay in the Deadlands, or learn how to control their power to not be consumed by it.

  • Destron Brolus
  • Calia Brolus
  • Sombren
  • Mairead, the Anchorite