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Nirni is the personification of Nirn in Khajiiti mythology and is considered the mother of all mortal life in the Mundus.[1] She is one of the children of Fadomai's third litter, along with Jone, Jode, Azurah and Lorkhaj.[2] From birth, Nirni and Azurah were rivals and fought for their mother's favor, which led to one of Nirni's epithets as the Jealous Sister. This jealousy is used in some tales to explain the harshness of the Khajiit homeland, as a response to their status as Azurah's favored people.[1][2] Other titles she is known by are The Green Mother, Known Mother,[UOL 1] and the Spirit of Harmony.[1]

On Fadomai's deathbed, she gifted Nirni with knowledge that she would become the mother of numerous children. In turn, it was Nirni who asked Lorkhaj to create a place so she could birth them. This resulted in Lorkhaj's trickery of the other spirits and his subsequent punishment.[2] Various stories have romantically linked Nirni to both Y'ffer and Hircine, with some stories claiming that the latter fathered the children that would be used to create the first Khajiit.[1] Her relationship with Y'ffre depends on which legend is being told; in Amun-dro's texts Nirni was said to have chosen Y'ffer as her mate after he created the first flower for her. On the other hand, the stories attributed to Clan Mother Ahnissi show their relationship as something more platonic. After Y'ffre recounts Azurah's creation of the Khajiit from spirits to Nirni, she allows him to alter some of her other children in the same manner, resulting in the Bosmer.[2]

Modern Khajiit recognize Azurah's role in taking some of Nirni's children and transforming them into the first Khajiit, as per Fadomai's instructions to be the "secret defenders" of the world. In response to the changing of their shapes, Nirni punished the Khajiit by making their lands arid and barren.[3][2] Within Khajiit culture, "Nirni" is used interchangeably to refer to the deity and the world itself.

One myth prior the Riddle'Thar Epiphany claims that Nirni was slain by Y'ffer during a bout of madness after being corrupted by Namiira. Despite her diminished spirit, her presence is said to be still felt in the unsullied wilds of Nirn.[1]

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