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Lore:Letter to General Tullius

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Letter to General Tullius
A letter from the Emperor requesting the Legion to reclaim the Lord's Mail

15th of Last Seed, 4E 201

General Tullius,

During these times of war, I strongly believe it is important to inspire our population through a show of military strength and pageantry. To the younger among us, nothing is as inspiring as the sight of an Imperial Legion wearing the finest armors our Empire has ever set its hands to.

It is for this reason I am formally requesting that several Imperial relics be placed back into the service of the Empire, and distributed among high ranking officials. We must do all we can to inspire awe, and help galvanize the image of our cause among the populace.

It has come to my attention that a paticular [sic] artifact, the Armor of Morihaus, Gift of Kynareth, also known as The Lord's Mail, has recently gone missing. It is believed a group of Redguard mercenaries have stolen it with the aim to sell to the highest bidder. They were last seen traveling south of Fort Greymoor.

Find these mercenaries, and reclaim The Lord's Mail. Wear it proudly. Show the people that Kynareth favors the realm of the Empire.

Emperor Titus Mede II