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Lore:Legion Officer's Notebook

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Legion Officer's Notebook
Recovered notes from an officer of the infamous Lost Legion

The Argonian scout we hired has been a blessing. Gin-Rajul seems to know this swamp like the back of his scaly hand. As a matter of fact, it was the scout who suggested we camp in this cavern. In addition to offering protection from the elements and a secure location from which we could defend ourselves, he told me that, according to the legends of his tribe, a powerful weapon was hidden here long ago. It would be a great benefit to the Empire if we were to acquire this weapon.

* * *
The Ninth Legion isn't alone in this cavern. Something or someone has picked off our perimeter guards and scavenger parties. Our Argonian scout contends that there is nothing here but the Legion, suggesting that my soldiers decided to desert and flee the area. That's ridiculous! The Ninth Legion never abandons its responsibilities! I don't think Gin-Rajul is being completely honest, but I'm not sure why he would lie to me.