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Larimar Gems
Larimar was used to make Patron tokens in Tales of Tribute.

Larimar, also referred to as sea-stone by merchants in Daggerfall, is a valuable milky-blue gemstone. This precious stone is exclusive to the Systres archipelago, making it extremely rare and expensive. The stone's hue is reminiscent of turquoise, albeit brighter and creamier. Some have compared its color to that of the Topal Sea.[1]

During the Reman Empire's reign, larimar mining became a prominent industry in the Systres Archipelago due to the stone's rarity and high value, thanks to its exclusivity to the region. In 2E 11, the newly empowered Potentate Versidue-Shaie established a penal colony on Amenos, one of the islands of the archipelago, where political prisoners were forced to work in the larimar and ammonite mines.[2]

It was also used by the Druids to create artictacts, such as the Oakensoul Ring. Ring's larimar gems were engraved with druidic runes and symbolized the Eldertide Circle.[1][3]

Larimar had a broader range of applications. It was also utilized to create tokens for the widely popular game Tales of Tribute,[4] as well as to create prosthetic eyes.[5]

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