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Baar Dau hanging above the High Fane

The Ingenium was a device powered by souls that was designed by the sorcerer Vuhon and a Dunmer named Sul. It was created by making a pact with Clavicus Vile, a Daedric Prince with a penchant for collecting souls.[1] The device's purpose was to hold Baar Dau over Vivec City after the disappearance of Vivec. This process started by using the souls of prisoners and undesirables, which resulted in their immediate deaths. Eventually, a method was found that let souls power the Ingenium without causing immediate death. When Sul's lover, Ilzheven, was taken to power the Ingenium, he destroyed it in an attempt to save her. This caused Baar Dau to crash into Vivec City, resulting in the eruption of Red Mountain and the destruction of Vvardenfell and part of mainland Morrowind. This event became known as the Red Year.[1] The disaster of the Red Year effectively ended the ascendancy of the Tribunal Temple and the mainstream worship of the Tribunal as gods.[2]

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