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Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Featured in The Infernal City

Vuhon is a male Dunmer, and the lord of Umbriel. Forty-three years prior to Umbriel's appearance in Tamriel, he was maintaining the ingenium, a device he and Sul had invented to hold the Ministry of Truth aloft over Vivec City once Vivec was no longer available to do so. The ingenium required souls to function, using them to keep a path open between Tamriel and Clavicus Vile's realm of Oblivion. With certain "large" enough souls, the ingenium could be powered on the living, greatly reducing the cost and danger of it.

Vuhon used the soul of Ilzheven, Sul's love. When Sul tried to free her and Vuhon fought him, the ingenium failed and the Ministry of Truth plummeted into Vivec City, causing Red Mountain to explode and making large stretches of Morrowind uninhabitable. It also threw Vuhon and Sul both into Oblivion while at the same time the blade Umbra was thrown the other way, from Oblivion into Tamriel.

In Oblivion, they met a man who called himself Umbra, who took them captive, having the power of a Daedric Prince since he'd cut a piece from Clavicus Vile. He'd been waiting for the day when this rift would open and he could throw the blade back through, which he claimed to have once been held captive inside of. Since Clavicus Vile had made the walls of his realm impenetrable to Umbra, he wanted to get the blade away from his realm, so that he wouldn't be returned to it.

Vuhon made a deal with Umbra, that if his life was spared he'd create a new ingenium, one capable of escaping Clavicus Vile's realm. To do this, he used the ingenium to pull a piece of Oblivion loose, allowing them to leave while still technically in Oblivion. This piece of Oblivion was Umbriel.

Sul and Attrebus were held captive on Umbriel by Vuhon, and he demanded to know where the blade Umbra was. They learn that Umbriel is actually in Oblivion, and Sul uses his connection with Oblivion to shatter Vuhon's glass world and attack, while Attrebus attacks him from the rear, when they are unexpectedly thrown from Umbriel.