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The Hollow are magical stone-constructs of the Wilderking that live in the province of Valenwood, specifically in the great plains of Greenshade, the Wilderking Court. Their sole purpose is to protect the court and to enact the absolute will of the Wilderking and the forest of Valenwood, only appearing from the ground when they are needed.[1] Once their purpose has been done, they remain dormant underground or reside in the Hollow Den, directly north of Greenheart. While they themselves have a free conscious amongst each other, they do not have an autonomous will and act entirely by their gods,[2] with the exception being the original template, Sumiril.[3]


Shadows Crawl
"Sometimes when we are in a dormant state, I dream. I dream that we have another purpose, that we work with the Bosmer to rebuild this place. I hope someday that comes to pass." —Hollow Watchman[2]

As mentioned before, the construct, Sumiril was the original template for the Hollow. In life, he was an elven architect from the Summerset Isles that was sent with the boy, Ostion to built a great city in Valenwood. Many people saw Ostion's powers of earth-manipulation as a curse and danger, but Sumiril was one of the very few to be kind to him, which resonated with Ostion. The construction of the city interfered with the living forest of Valenwood, which in turn led to great war between Ostion and the forest, and the subsequent death of both the people that lived in the forest and the elven architects, including Sumiril were killed in the crossfire. Both Ostion and the forest worked together to resurrect Sumiril and the two parties became one entity. Sumiril became the original template of the Hollow, who continue to protect the Court of the Wilderking,[4] and other sacred grounds, like the ruins of Shadows Crawl or the Labyrinth.

As stated before, the Hollow work exclusively for the Wilderking and the forest of Valenwood, less than the denizens of the province. Shadows Crawl was inhabited by the Driladan Clan of Bosmer after their village in the eponymous, Driladan Pass was ransacked by the undead in 2E 582. The Hollow intervened and attacked the people, it took the involvement of an interpoler to settle the dispute but it is unknown what the outcome was, regardless the ruins were now at peace.[5] At around the same time, Sumiril learns about his origins when an adventurer came across the Labyrinth and unraveled the story of the Hollow and the Wilderking. What became of Sumiril's fate is unknown, whether he learned the absolute truth and set out to rewrite his destiny is not documented.[6]

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