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Haynekhtnamet is the name applied to a legendary wamasu that dwelled in Black Marsh.[1] Reports of the creature stretch back centuries, but due to account disparities it is possible that Haynekhtnamet was not a single creature, but a series of wamasu.[2] Local villages made seasonal offerings to the beast, sending nuts, meats, and produce adrift on rafts. They believed that appeasing Haynekhtnamet is the only way to stop seasonal flooding and ensure guar breeding patterns remain consistent. There is no evidence to suggest that these offerings had any effect, and the wasteful practice left villages hungry.[2]

According to Tamrielic Lore, an early group of Nords once fought Haynekhtnamet for seven days and seven nights before slaying the beast, believing it to be a dragon. One of the warriors claimed a fang from the creature and fashioned it into a dagger; the Fang of Haynekhtnamet went on to become a famed artifact.[1] Other reports indicate that Haynekhtnamet was slain by adventurers in 2E 582, after an expedition failed to slay the beast. It had made its lair in the swamps of Shadowfen, far southeast of Stormhold. The dagger was fashioned from one of its fangs.[3]


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