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Lore:Gilvas Barelo

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Master Gilvas Barelo
MW-npc-Gilvas Barelo.jpg
Master Gilvas Barelo as seen in Morrowind
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Holamayan Monastery
Appears in Morrowind

Master Gilvas Barelo, Abbot of Holamayan, was the head of the secret order of Dissident Priests circa 3E 427. In other words, during the fruition of the Nerevarine Prophecies, he was the most prominent skeptic of the Tribunal Temple's explanation of how the Tribunal gained their divinity and the events surrounding their rise to power.

The Nerevarine came to him to learn more about the crisis Morrowind was facing. Barelo helped the Nerevarine find and interpret the Lost Prophecies of the Ashlanders in order to understand how to fulfill them and defeat Dagoth Ur. Gilvas saw the return of Saint Nerevar as the last and best hope of ending the threat posed by Dagoth Ur, and he understood that helping the Nerevarine do this was the only way to end the persecution of the Dissident Priests and advance their beliefs. Following the defeat of Dagoth Ur, the Temple attempted to make amends with the Dissident Priests and re-integrate the estranged order.[1] With the disappearance of the Tribunal and the events of the Red Year, the Dissident Priests seized power in the early Fourth Era and formed the New Temple, although it is unknown what role Barelo played in these affairs.[2]

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