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Knight-Paladin Gelebor
SR-npc-Knight-Paladin Gelebor.jpg
Knight-Paladin Gelebor
Race Snow Elf Gender Male
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim

Gelebor is the Knight-Paladin of the Chantry of Auri-El, and one of the last known Snow Elves alive. He and about a hundred other Snow Elves took refuge from the Falmer and Nords in the massive yet well-hidden chantry, but time and Falmer attacks dwindled their numbers to only two: Gelebor and his brother Arch-Curate Vyrthur. Gelebor believed his brother had been taken and corrupted by the Falmer. However, Vyrthur had actually contracted vampirism from an initiate, and had started a plot to cause Auri-El as much suffering as he could. Gelebor noticed something was wrong with his brother, but wasn't aware of the nature of the issue. His duty as Knight-Paladin was to guard the wayshrine at the Chantry of Auri-El in the Forgotten Vale, and he stayed there for millennia.[1][2]

When the Last Dragonborn and Serana went to the Vale in search of Auriel's Bow in 4E 201, Gelebor agreed to help, but first demanded that they kill Vyrthur. After the deed was done, he helped them with the bow and stayed in the Inner Sanctum of the Chantry, determined to continue his service to Auri-El for the rest of his days.[1][2]

According to him, Gelebor would have been born during the Merethic Era or in the first centuries of the First Era, which would make him approximatively four thousand years old at the time the Last Dragonborn and Serana came to search for Auriel's Bow.[1] In spite of the destruction caused by the Falmer, whom Gelebor calls the Betrayed, he believes they could one day return to the light and begin worshipping Auri-El again, and noticed a rise in their intellect over the generations.[1]

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