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Fetcherflies are insects found on the island of Vvardenfell and in the Tenmar Forest of Elsweyr[1]. Lone fetcherflies are harmless. However, when something approaches their nests, they will swarm and attack whatever they perceive as a threat. They emit a moderate amount of heat, singeing fur or hair on contact, and due to this heat, their nests often glow and have pores emitting smoke[2]. When the creatures swarm, their queen can tap her magma source to transform the nest into a hive golem,[3] which can walk around independently. A hive golem's purpose is to relocate the hive to new surroundings.[4] These golems are attracted to the destruction of regular hives, and will seek out those responsible.[2][5]

Fetcherflies are used by some Ashlander anglers as a lure.[6] Fetcherfly husks stuffed with sea sponge make passable pin cushions,[7] and a puree of crushed fetcherflies can be used as an unorthodox ingredient in lotion.[8]


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