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Dragonflies, sometimes called Dartwings or Dovah-Flies, are small flying insects commonly found in southern Skyrim[1] and around bodies of water in the Azura's Coast, Bitter Coast, and West Gash regions of Vvardenfell. A number of varieties exist, such as the Blue and Orange Dartwings, white Regal Dovah-Flies, and a number of mechanical Fabricant variants from the Clockwork City. It is unknown whether the fly variants are different breeds or merely color variations.[1] Dartwings are prized for their use in alchemy. If hand-raised from larval form, they can become devoted companion, and a common children's sport in Vvardenfell called "dodge-dovah" involves dragonflies.[2]

Dragonflies have also inspired jewellers to make brooches into the shape of them[3], and the creation of Dovah-Fly swatters in the Clockwork City[4].


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