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Cambray Perch[edit]

A Cambray perch

A type of fish that can be found in Glenumbra.

Found in:


Two camels

Camels are creatures found in the deserts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr. They often serve as mounts.

Found in:


A canah bird

The exotic bird of Summerset Isle, they are bred for their beauty.[1]

Found in:

Cannibal Lancet[edit]

A cannibal lancet

A type of fish that can be found in the planetouched waters of the Imperial City.

Found in:


A cat

Cats are domestic felines that are found in or near buildings. They come in several colors, such as brown, gray tabby, and seal point. The Khajiit share many feline features with cats, particularly the Alfiq breed, who are often confused for house cats outside of Elsweyr.

Found in:


A catfish

A type of fish that can be found in Glenumbra.

Found in:

Cave Bear[edit]

A cave bear

Stronger than its lower land cousins, this bear is found in the higher elevations of Skyrim.

Found in:


A cavefish

A type of fish that can be found in Coldharbour.

Found in:

Cave Rat[edit]

A cave rat

Cave Rats are a variety of rats that are usually found in caves.

Found in:

Cavern Stinger[edit]

Found in:


A Celestial

Celestials are powerful ethereal beings formed by the power of the stars. The most powerful Celestials represent the Constellations, but despite their godlike powers, even these Celestials are mortal.

Found in:


A centaur

Nomadic, semi-intelligent beast race that possesses the head and torso of a powerfully-built man and the lower body of a horse. Can be commonly found in Valenwood and High Rock. Speakers of Centaurian can prevent them from attacking. They are legendary creatures who are loved by some and hated by others. According to the Psijic Order, they are "true followers of the Old Ways".[2]

Found in:



Centipedes are small creatures usually found in wooded areas.

Found in:

Centurion Archer[edit]

A centurion archer

Centurion Archers are a rare type of construct found only in Bamz-Amschend, an ancient Dwemer city located beneath Mournhold. They are similar to Centurion Spheres, but are equipped only with crossbows.

Found in:

Centurion Sphere[edit]

A centurion sphere

Centurion Spheres (also known as Dwarven Spheres or Dwarven Robots) are a common form of Dwemer Animunculi that have proven to be agile fighters, and are much stronger than the smaller Centurion Spiders. Centurion Spheres patrol ruins in a spherical form until they encounter an opponent. At this point, they will erect into their semi-humanoid form and attack, often with a sword or crossbow.

Found in:

Centurion Spider[edit]

A centurion spider

Centurion Spiders (also known as Dwarven Spiders) are small, arachnid-like animunculi, and are very common in Dwemer ruins. They will often be found working on rocks or other objects. They can attack intruders by emitting poisonous gases from a bag.

Found in:


A char

A type of fish that can be found in Eastmarch.

Found in:


A chaurus

Chaurus are large hostile insects found in caves deep below the surface of Skyrim and in some cases on the surface. They possess a highly poisonous spit and a powerful bite. Chaurus are bred and raised by the Falmer, later to be killed and have their chitin used for armor.

Found in:

Chaurus Hunter[edit]

A chaurus hunter

Chaurus Hunters are large hostile flying insects found in caves deep below the surface of Skyrim. They possess a highly poisonous ranged attack and a powerful bite. They are the second life stage of the Chaurus, which transforms into a Hunter after several days of death-like stillness. Because Chaurus are commonly bred by Falmer for their chitin, Chaurus Hunters are often found living in close proximity.

Found in:

Cherry Barb[edit]

A cherry barb

A type of fish that can be found in the warm waters of Hew's Bane.

Found in:

Chestnut Horse[edit]

A chestnut horse

A light reddish brown breed of horse.

Found in:


A chicken

Chickens are docile, domesticated birds common throughout Skyrim, used as egg and meat supply. Although mainly encountered around farms and smaller settlements, they can even be found within cities and towns. The Riverwood White Hen is a hardy domestic chicken found all along Skyrim's White River, said to have been originally bred in the old town of Riverwood.[3] Owners grow extremely attached to them, and become outraged if they're harmed,[3] sometimes resorting to violence.[4][5] As a sign of the blessing of Mara, in spring certain breeds of Tamriel's hens, such as the Mara's Spring Chicken, lay eggs with shells in a variety of colors.[6] The onyx black Daemon Fowl is speculated to originate from the Deadlands or Ashpit, lays flaming eggs, and displays glowing red eyes at times.[7]

Found in:


A chinlea

A type of fish that can be found in the cold waters of the Wrothgarian Mountains.

Found in:


A chub

Chubs are small fish that can be found in foul water across Tamriel. They are used as bait to catch larger fish.

Found in:

Chub Loon[edit]

Chub Loon

Chub Loons are small, flightless birds that can be found across Wrothgar. They make an audible honking noise when startled and will run away from known dangers. They can often be found huddling in large groups in order to retain body heat. Oddly, not a single mention of the Chub Loon predates the beginning of the Second Era and once they arrived, they began invading the habitat of the native horker, disrupting its food supply.[8]

Found in:


A cichlid

A type of fish that can be found in the warm waters of Hew's Bane.

Found in:


A clam

A species of bivalve mollusks.

Found in:


A clannfear

Clannfears are reptilian Daedra that resemble a lizard with a large, bony crest on their head and a sharp beak and talons. They walk on two legs and use their clawed arms and sharp beaks as weapons. They are generally thought to be of animal intelligence, though it is possible that they are intelligent enough to be communicated with at times. They are known to serve many Daedric Princes and can be found throughout the various planes of Oblivion.

Found in:


A Clawrunner

Clawrunners are small, pale-scaled, orange eyed, horned bipedal creatures native to the Bend'r-mahk region of Hammerfell. They are similar in appearance to wickeders, with their mouth being almost as large as the rest of their body. Clawrunners have the ability to paralyze their opponents. Their skin is known to have powerful alchemical effects.

Found in:

Clicking Travally[edit]

A clicking travally

A type of fabricant fish that can be found in the oily waters of the Clockwork City.

Found in:

Cliff Darter[edit]

A Cliff Darter

Cliff Darters are small, feathered flying creatures that can be found throughout Morrowind. They are related to Cliff Racers and Cliff Striders.

Found in:

Cliff Racer[edit]

Cliff Racer

Cliff Racers are large flying creatures found throughout Morrowind, and are related to Cliff Striders and Cliff Darters. They are very aggressive and will attack anyone in sight. Cliff Racers have good vision range, and will often detect and follow travelers without being noticed. This can result in swarms of them descending upon the unwary adventurer. Due to their pest like nature, Cliff Racers were eventually driven from Vvardenfell by Saint Jiub the Eradicator, although they have been known to exist in mainland Morrowind well into the Fourth Era.

Found in:

Cliff Strider[edit]

Cliff Strider

Cliff Striders were a species of large, winged, reptilian creatures found in Vvardenfell. They are related to Cliff Racers, and the two species existed contemporaneously. Unlike Cliff Racers, Cliff Striders had great difficulty flying despite their wings, and consequently spent their lives on the ground. Young Cliff Striders are named Cliff Skippers. In the mid-Second Era, one Thetys Ramarys of Balmora took pity on the Cliff Striders and began to breed them into a strain that she hoped would eventually dominate Vvardenfell's skies and stalk prey over long distances. However, by the late Third Era, Cliff Striders were exterminated by the Ash Blight.[9] Cliff Stider anatomy is very similar to the hackwing, and they may be possibly related to them. Some historians theorize the relation resulted from Dark Elves raiding Black Marsh for thousands of years to bring back things they deemed valuable, such as slave labor, livestock, and critters.[10]

Found in:


A clockerfish

A type of fabricant fish that can be found in foul water in the Clockwork City.

Found in:


A coelacanth

A type of fish that can be found in Shadowfen.

Found in:

Cold-Flame Atronach[edit]

A Cold-Flame Atronach

A powerful Elemental Daedra native to a pocket realm of Oblivion called the Fourth Sinus of Takubar. Believed to be the inverse of Flame Atronachs, Cold-Flame Atronachs served as hovering sentries in Coldharbour during the Planemeld.

Found in:

Copperclaw Crayfish[edit]

A copper crayfish

A type of fabricant fish that can be found in the oily waters of the Clockwork City.

Found in:

Copper Oreodory[edit]

A copper oreodory

A type of fish that can be found on Summerset Isle.

Found in:

Copper-Tongued Skink[edit]

Copper-Tongued Skink

A species of lizard known for its' incredibly robust constitution, it can happily eat most poisonous foods without being any worse for wear. These lizards can be specially trained to sniff out and eat anything poisonous. They can be found in Murkmire though their abilities see them in use elsewhere.

Found in:

Coppery Cucumber[edit]

A coppery cucumber

A type of fabricant fish that can be found in the oily waters of the Clockwork City.

Found in:

Coral Crab[edit]

A coral crab

Large sandcrabs that are often found with coral growing on them. They are found along the coastlines of Summerset Isle and Artaeum.

Found in:

Corprus Husk[edit]

Corprus Husk

Corprus Husks are deranged victims of the dreaded Corprus disease, which has no known cure. Their skin becomes stretched by great purple boils and they attack everything in sight. They expel infected bodily fluids and vapors, in combat and in death, causing a great risk of infection for their victims.

Found in:

Corprus Stalker[edit]

A corprus stalker

Deranged and deformed victims of the dreaded Corprus disease which has no known cure. Great care must be taken when confronting these creatures as they have become incredibly tough due to the disease, and may infect you with Corprus. They are capable of regenerating damaged health.

Found in:

Corrupted Shade[edit]

A corrupted shade

Corrupted Shades are black, skeletal humanoid ghosts that can be found within Meridia's Temple. They were created by a powerful Necromancer.

Found in:


A cow

Cows are large, docile, domesticated animals common throughout High Rock, Hammerfell, and Skyrim, especially on farms, where they primarily eat hay. Cows from Skyrim are also called highland aurochs, and are used for their meat,[11] dairy,[12] and hide.[13] They are sometimes given to Giants by local farmers as an offering.

Found in:


A crab-slaughter-crane

A variety of slaughterfish that can be found in the cold waters of the Wrothgarian Mountains. It is described as being large enough to swallow a mudcrab and a crane in one gulp.

Found in:

Crag Salmon[edit]

A crag salmon

A type of salmon that can be found in Craglorn.

Found in:


A crestfish

A type of fish that can be found in the warm waters of Hew's Bane.

Found in:


A croaker

A type of fish that can be found in Craglorn.

Found in:


A crocodile

A large reptile that can be found near rivers throughout Tamriel.

Found in:


A crow

A black bird.

Found in:

Crow Daedra[edit]

A Crow Daedra

Crow Daedra are one of many Daedric species that mimic those found on Nirn. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. They resemble real crows but differ in that they can talk and they have unnatural glowing purple eyes. They have their own feudal courts, the most notable of which are the Blackfeather Court and their rivals, the Exarchs of Dross. They do not consider themselves Daedra and instead think themselves to be real crows.[14]

Found in:

Crystal Hannia[edit]

A crystal hannia

A type of fish that can be found on Summerset Isle.

Found in:

Cusk Eel[edit]

A Cusk eel

A type of eel that can be found in Greenshade.

Found in:

Cutthroat Eel[edit]

A cutthroat eel

A type of eel that can be found in the Alik'r Desert region.

Found in:

Cutthroat Trout[edit]

A cutthroat trout

A type of fish that can be found in Deshaan.

Found in:

Cyrodilic Spadetail[edit]

A cyrodilic spadetail

Cyrodilic Spadetail is a fish that can be caught in ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water. Despite its name, it can be caught in the waters of Skyrim.

Found in:


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