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Lady Arannelya
Race Altmer Gender Female

Lady Arannelya was a Thalmor general during the Great War. She led the Aldmeri Dominion's invasion of Hammerfell while her counterpart, Lord Naarifin, kept the Imperial legions occupied in Cyrodiil. Her main force crossed western Cyrodiil, bypassing Anvil and Kvatch, and rendezvoused with smaller Dominion forces that landed on Hammerfell's southern coast, quickly overrunning the Redguard defenses. Over the next two years, Arannelya unsuccessfully besieged Hegathe and briefly captured Skaven before being driven back across the Alik'r Desert by an army of Imperial veterans and Redguards. Although the campaign in Cyrodiil ended in 4E 175, the conflict continued in Hammerfell for another five years, during which time Lady Arannelya presumably continued to command the Dominion army.[1]



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